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Kids Help Phone knows that 2021 has been especially difficult for young people across Canada. We hear from you each and every day about the struggles you face and the challenges you deal with. We also hear from you as you draw on your inner strength, courage and resilience while the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, racism and discrimination, climate change and more. Here, you can check out inspiring messages from people in Canada and around the world as a reminder you’re not alone!

Our professional counsellors and volunteer crisis responders are here to talk about any issue on your mind. Everyone experiences feelings like sadness, anger, stress, disappointment, etc., and we’re here to help when those emotions come up. We’re also available to listen to you about the things going well in your life, and to help you tap into your personal sources of motivation and hope. And sometimes, learning about other people’s experiences and tips can help us all find more light and encouragement along our wellness journey.

You can check out Kids Help Phone’s inspiring messages centre below!

When you click on a link from a dropdown, it will take you to support resources that may be helpful to you along your wellness journey.

With these inspiring messages, stories, quotes and resources, we hope you’re able to find a little extra brightness in your daily life! If you’d like to talk to someone about the things that are going well / not so well in your life, you can connect with Kids Help Phone 24/7.