Self-care can be more than bubble baths. Here’s our guide.

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Self-care is a trending topic among people in Canada and around the world. But sometimes, the deeper meaning of taking care of yourself can get lost in the headlines.

It’s true that self-care is about prioritizing your own mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. And it’s one of the keys to your overall well-being. But it’s about more than just listening to calming music, taking a break and having a bubble bath. These types of things can work for some people on their own, but you may need other activities or support for your self-care, and that’s OK. It’s about truly nurturing yourself from top to bottom and doing things that help you feel good, connect (or reconnect!) with your inner-self, engage with people / causes important to you, ask for help and more.

Practising self-care can help you take life’s challenges in your stride, build resilience, boost your self-esteem and find self-acceptance. It can also be a way to slow things down, check in with yourself and create some space for rest and healing when things feel overwhelming. Here, Kids Help Phone collects our best wellness resources, including basic information, practical tips and fun activities for you to explore.

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Whether you call it me time, being kind to yourself or finding balance, self-care is important for everyone. It may take a few tries to figure out what works best for you and meets your needs. Over time, your needs may change, so it’s essential to keep building up your self-care skills. If you’d like to talk about wellness, you can reach out to someone you trust. Kids Help Phone’s professional counsellors and volunteer crisis responders are available 24/7 to listen and help, too. We support you in putting your well-being first!

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