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What you can do if money is tight at home

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Work and money can sometimes be the cause of stress, but there are things you can do to make things easier.

Many people struggle to make ends meet. Paying loans, trying to find a job and saving for the future can be really challenging.

Budgets. Jobs. Savings. Loans. People have to earn money (and save it) in many different ways in order to survive.

Family and money worries

Stress over things like unpaid bills, rent and groceries can lead to arguments and other struggles at home.

In families where money is a big concern, it’s easier for parents and caregivers to get stressed out over the little things.

For some people, working long hours, sometimes at more than one job, can make them feel tired and strained. In some families, parents and caregivers are unemployed or too sick to work, which can also cause stress.

It’s not your fault

Finding a source of income for necessities, such as groceries and rent, can make people feel worried, scared and irritable. In some families, this can lead to arguments. It’s only natural to think that you’ve done something wrong. Try to remember that it isn’t your fault, and that there are some ways you can help including:

  • Help around the house: try to help with household tasks like laundry or cleaning. Sharing chores with your family members can help alleviate the pressure.
  • Spend less: think about the things that cost money in your life and the things that you can live without. You shouldn’t feel guilty about your interests and hobbies, but consider borrowing or buying used items instead of purchasing brand new items.
  • Contribute financially: if you have a job, you could consider contributing some of your earnings to the family pot.
  • Be open: tell your family members that their stress affects you, too. You’ll feel better about things after you’ve had a chance to get them off of your chest.
  • Take time: spend time with your family doing fun activities — this can help ease the tension.
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