Our professional counsellors

Is something on your mind? Maybe you’re thinking about school, a relationship, systemic racism or climate change. Maybe you just want to share some exciting news in your life with a real person you can trust. Kids Help Phone’s professional counsellors can be that person for you. They’re available 24/7 across Canada to listen, offer mental health tips and help you find hope. On this page, you can learn more about who our counsellors are and how you can connect with them through online chat or a phone call if / when you’re ready.

Who are the professional counsellors?

Our counsellors are warm, friendly, professional people with a passion for youth mental health and well-being. They have diverse identities and come from communities across the country. At Kids Help Phone, they offer young people free, private support in English and French through our phone and Live Chat counselling services. They can even help you connect with a trained interpreter to get support over the phone in multiple languages.


We currently have 135+ professional counsellors supporting young people!

What kind of experience do the counsellors have?

Kids Help Phone’s counsellors have lots of educational and professional experience. They’ve often worked in the social services / mental health fields. They also know about a range of well-being topics you may find helpful. In order to support you best, our counsellors receive in-depth preparation and ongoing support from Kids Help Phone’s clinical training team. They learn about things like:

  • self-reflection, personal bias and cultural equity
  • communicating with kindness and empathy
  • helping young people identify their strengths
  • understanding and communicating needs and boundaries
  • encouraging youth to take an active role in safety planning
  • and more!

What do the professional counsellors do during a session?

At Kids Help Phone, counselling is a conversation that usually takes place between two people over the phone or through online chat. During a discussion, our counsellors listen and aim to help you feel supported in sharing whatever you need / want to. Our professional counsellors know how to talk with you about anything on your mind, big or small. The conversation is about you, so if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

At your session, the counsellor may ask you what you’d like to talk about. They may do this to help you feel more comfortable, especially if you’re not sure where to start. They may ask questions like:

  • “What can we focus on to make the best use of our time together?”
  • “What’s the most important thing for us to talk about right now?”

They may also ask other questions to help them learn more. This may include asking about your safety. If you’re feeling unsafe, experiencing thoughts of suicide or anything else, it’s OK to talk about it with the counsellor. They can continue to check in throughout the conversation to support you.

Our professional counsellors can help you recognize your strengths, too. Because reflecting on the things you’re already skilled at can be empowering. Our counsellors can help you identify actions you can try, based on your strengths, to address any struggles you may be facing. Their goal is to encourage you to resolve challenges in whatever ways feel best for you.

Is my conversation with a counsellor private?

Kids Help Phone’s counsellors support our phone and Live Chat counselling services, which are anonymous and confidential. This means we don’t trace phone numbers or IP addresses when you call or chat online with us. The counsellor only knows what you choose to share with them, and they keep it private.

If a counsellor is concerned about your safety, they may ask you for identifying information (e.g. your name, your location, etc.). They may do this to help you make a plan for your safety, which may include trying to get emergency services to you. It’s always your choice whether you share this information with the counsellor or not. You can learn more about your privacy and our duty to report in our privacy policy and terms of service.

How can I connect with a professional counsellor?

Our professional counsellors are always here to listen and support you. To contact a counsellor, you can call Kids Help Phone 24/7 or connect through Live Chat during its daily open hours. We’re available to help you with any questions you may have so you can unlock hope along your wellness journey.

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